Wednesday, August 12, 2020

"Hand Off": a gay rugby player comes out to his team while living in a fantasy world

Rugby Lineout

 Hand Off” is an interesting gay short film from Germany, directed by Chadlee Skrikker, about gay men in contact sports, this time, rugby. It stars Andhar Cotton and Arno Horn. The title is indeed metaphorical.

A rugby player confronts his best friend on the team that he has lost his lover, and (only then) that the lover is a man.

The teammate is mildly surprised that his friend is gay.

The film goes into a long intermittent dream sequence where the player goes to bars and a wild Roman party and makes out, in costume, with another player, before coming back to reality. Somehow living in an alternate reality fixes things. 

Then he comes back to the team and does not necessarily find himself welcome.  Some players do have a problem with it. 

(Video link). 

Picture: Wikipedia embed of a game in the UK, click for attribution  

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