Saturday, August 01, 2020

Does Hollywood censor scripts for movies even for American viewing to placate China?

Passengers lining up in Wuhan railway station for their body temperature to be checked during the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

Iaowhy86 (who lives in China, I think) explains “How Hollywood Is Censoring YOUR Movies for China”.   Moviegoers (especially when theaters reopen) should complain about this. 

 He opens with an explanation of how Maoist China censored everything so as to memorialize “the Proles”.  But China made a tremendous turnaround and embraced statist capitalism, and eventually became a big market for Hollywood. 

So often Hollywood would censor scripts for Chinese screenings, but overtime started writing scripts to be acceptable in China wherever they were shown (in the US).  That seems really sensitive now (given the theories about the pandemic). 

This sounds like it could be a big deal for screenwriters trying to sell scripts, if they are politically charged (let’s say talk about the US and China in a space race, for openers). I would even wonder about Tyler Mowery’s script “Blue Moon” which he shares on his YouTube channel.
Picture: Wikipedia embed, Wuhan, click for CCSA attribution. 

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