Wednesday, August 26, 2020

"Coronavirus in Spain": DW Documentary on Spain's lockdown during the pandemic, which extended to the islands

22 de marzo 2020-Gran Via-Madrid

Coronavirus in Spain”, a 28-film by Natalia Bachmayer, for DW Documentary (which has docs on many different countries). The other title is "Close Up: Spain's Fight with the Coronavirus" (wiki link).

Natalia documents the strict lockdown in Madrid which started around March 14, with people socializing only from their balconies, with road checkpoints, and people allowed go out only once a day for groceries.

She is allowed to move around because she is a “professional” journalist for a living.  But a blogger like me could not do this.

With restrictions so strict, I don’t know what happened if something broke in your home (an appliance or an Internet connection).

She moves on to the Canary Islands, with the volcanic scenery, before returning to Spain and seeing the people, often migrants, in food lines.  Spain’s social safety net is not protecting everyone from complete destitution due to the extended lockdowns.

Picture:  Madrid on March 22, embed, click for attribution in Wikipedia. 

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