Tuesday, August 04, 2020

"Chez jolie coiffure": a hairdresser in Brussels gives her take on immigration and racism

Brussels Summer Festival (4890801736)

Rosine Mfetgo Mkakam directs “Chez jolie coiffure” (Oct. 2019), shown on PBS POV on Monday Aug. 3, abridged to 52 minutes from the original 71 minutes (title: "at a joyous salon"). 

In the African Matonge area of Brussels, a hairdresser shop owner Sabine works with customers and talks about the harrowing difficulties of immigrants from Africa, particularly the Cameroon.
When white people come by to gaze into her shop, she says that white people think they are going to a zoo.

She also says that white people imprisoned Africa (settlements with colonialism) by gazing at it, a kind of quantum theory statement.  She is definitely arguing for anti-racism. 

She says that some immigrants are indentured to specific wealthy families in Belgium.

Toward the end, the police come and arrest people and close her down temporarily.

The entire film is shot like a livestream from the shop.
The film (French, with subtitles) comes from Tandor Productions and is distributed by Icarus.

Picture: Embed from Wikipedia, summer festival in Brussels, 2018, click for attribution 

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