Saturday, August 08, 2020

"3 Reasons You Should Be Making Short Films" by Jo Jo

Here’s a video that gives the technical side of storytelling in short film, beyond the screenwriting.

3 Reasons You Should Be Making Short Films” by Jo Jo Productions.

There are four reasons, really.  (1) Learn the camera system, with frame rate (24) and shutter rate (usually close to 48)  (2) Learn to do the lighting; (3) Learn to do the storytelling (beginning, middle, end). And (4) Learn to do the audio with a separate hardware pack, which will be integrated when you edit (I guess Final Cut Pro). 

I don’t think this is quite the setup that news journalists use, like when filming protests.
Tyler Mowery just did a livestream on his channel where he read short film scripts submitted to him, we’ll come back to that soon.

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