Thursday, July 30, 2020

"Top Coat": when staying at home, the simple things matter

Top Coat” is a 5-minute lesbian film about simple things, and its recent (May 2020).

The thumbnail is a piece of strawberry cake, like what Longhorn Steakhouse sells for takeout.  The headin picture is in black and white, even if the little things in the film are in garish color (like "The Gang's All Here").   There is a model flamingo, and then we see two young women (PoC) played by Jlouliet Amak and Alexa Mareka, the first given the second a nail manicure, a superficial top coat.

All this stuff moves inside during the stay-at-homes for the pandemic.
My own mother used to get her hair done, and then got permanents, sometimes within the same week (at least once), and they would take four hours.

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