Friday, July 24, 2020

"Scandal at Helix Academy": Alex Roman with gay prep school comedy

Helix Studios is back, with films in better definition.

In "Scandal at Helix Academy," (21 minutes, 3 parts) director Alex Roman sets up his rather obvious blackmail comedy. Doug Acre, a former graduate, has returned as an English teacher. One of his students comes on to him, and then there is a witness, and the love triangles start.

The students (whom we assume now have tested negative for Covid) all wear white shirts (no undershirt of course) and red, black and gray ties, which can get loosened.

The kids seem to believe that virtue is getting what you want. And not losing Daddy’s allowance.

I don’t know if this matters now, but there is no homage to casting diversity.

I could lose the scene in part 2 where one of the kids smokes.  The music score includes Beethoven Emperor Concerto and Symphony 1 and Mozart's Requiem. 

Picture: Mountain View CA, my visit, Sept. 2018 

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