Sunday, July 26, 2020

"Maxwell's Demon": Entropy, Time, and Information -- and why you exist

Arvin Ash presents “Maxwell’s Demon: The Stunning Link Between Entropy, Time, and Information”.

Entropy is a measure of the information in a system, the collection of states (vectors) of positions of all the particles in a system.  It goes up with temperature (heat, or injection of energy).  The Second Law of Thermodynamics insists that eventually the amount of “disordered” information increases, so conscious beings are necessary to give it direction (maybe that can become artificial intelligence).


The Second Law is essentially a stochastic or statistic law, not a deterministic one. Such laws explain how viruses can evolve that seem to target the way we live. I think they also explain why our lives bear more irony and coincidence than seems likely.

“Maxwell’s Demon” is a thought experiment that sounds a bit like lockdown or quarantine.

Ash uses the example of a refrigerator as how you manage “information”. That was the nickname of a famous NFL running back in the 1980s. 

Maybe this could explain reincarnation.

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