Saturday, July 11, 2020

"How I Make a Video from Start to Finish" from a professional YouTube educational channel in Dallas

I usually use Joe Scott on my TV reviews channel, but this is more like a 45-minute industry film showing you how to make a professional looking video that will be appealing to sponors.

On his TMI Channel he explains “How I Make a Video from Start to Finish” on his TMI channel.

He illustrates the process as he makes a video on String Theory, or “Theory of Everything”.

He explains that he uses Evernote to outline a script, and then sends it to a writer who writes the script. His team has several members, including an editor, who apparently is very skilled in Photoshop and YouTube Studio Editor (maybe Final Cut Pro, which I didn’t see him mention but is very popular on the Mac).

He records himself talking with a studio light, and a tripod, connected through USB I presume to his large Mac computer. He sits in a chair.

He lives near Dallas, where homes do not have basements, so the workroom/library appears to be like an extra family room or converted garage. It is common in Dallas for extra family rooms to be built behind kitchens and near carports or garages.  To do a professional job able to attract sponsors, you do need some space.

The whole process takes a couple days, so typically a YouTube science channel is like a small LLC company with several people or contractors.

Picture: Landing at DFW in May 2018.  Oh, those were the days, before Covid-19. 

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