Wednesday, July 29, 2020

"A Day in the Life in Mexico City" (Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell), maybe could wind up in the 2020 compendium

Angel de la Independencia Mexico City
Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell offers the short film “A Day in the Life in Mexico City”, probably into the “A Day in the Life 2020” (or "Life in a Day") Project by Ridley Scott (see July 22, 2020).
He visits his parents in a high-rise in Mexico City (some of his earlier videos explain his background). Not a lot of businesses or attractions are open (this compares to videos by the Barrett Channel in China where pretty much everything is open but carefully monitored),  so then the film focuses on indoor exercise routines (with a trainer video playing on a laptop) and then homecooking delicious food from ingredients, which the film celebrates for its own sake.
 I’ve been there myself, once in 1974 (link).  I do remember the Zona Rosa, the Anthropology Museum, and the Metro -- and the National Palace as there was an outdoor ceremony there Sept. 1, 1974.  
Picture: embed from Wikipedia, click for CCSA attribution 

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