Friday, June 12, 2020

"Who Did It Better?" aka "True Love v. Life Lilies" (from "All About Strength")

I found a curious gay male channel “All About Strength” from Germany on YouTube.

One film “Who Did It Better? The Great Gay Shaving Battle” sounds like forbidden fetishism, but it puts four actors (Ryan Kwarten, Robert Kazinsky, Drew Van Acker, and Steve Strait” in a fast moving sequence where (after an unrelated opening shot of a smooth man covered with shaving cream), seems to put the actors into a face shaving (and maybe face saving) sequence.

The video is no longer embeddable (rated R) so here is the direct link

The action moves so fast and has so little continuity that you can’t tell what really happened (but then a guy wakes up from a dream).

The film has another subtitle, “True Love v. Life Lilies”, which doesn’t make too much sense.

But this is one of a huge collection of fast-moving comic shorts.

A film like this (even at 4 minutes) is erotic (rated R) only when you can follow what happens with some kind of continuity.

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