Thursday, June 04, 2020

More theories on "Tenet": does local time-reversal even make sense in physics at all?

New Rockstarrs and EAVoss offer another prediction for July 17.

Here’s a theory of “Tenet’s” time reversal idea.

It has to do with Maxwell’s equations and entropy, with blue and red rooms.

If you think about it, biology (progressive reproduction, eventually expressive of local consciousness that can make deliberative choices) exists to counter entropy.  So some form of it should somehow exist in many places.

So a well-developed consciousness can reverse time “locally”. 

But then there would be no causation.  You can’t commit a wrongful act and “take it back” in the real world.  That what time controls. 

There would need to be intersecting parallel worlds.

I like the idea of “making time” better, because space-time is always expanding (previous blog post).

The movie may start in the middle.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to other stuff on this blog.

Picture: where I parked yesterday to visit the DC protests. 

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