Tuesday, June 23, 2020

"Environmental Court Takes Your Home" (without due process)

Court Strips Elderly Woman of her Home and Ruins her Life”, retitled as “Environmental Court Takes Your Home”, from the Institute for Justice (June 2020).

Somewhere near Memphis, TN, an “environmental court” evicted a woman from a home condemned after being damaged by a tree ten years earlier when she couldn’t get it repaired. 

I’ve never heard of “environmental courts”.  But they don’t seem to follow due process in taking property.

This situation reminds me of the dilemma for people losing jobs during Covid and getting evicted as stimulus runs out, and this even happens when people are quarantined;  we aren’t protecting their own income or rights at all!! So it is timely that this video appears now, deep into the pandemic. 

This video is presented as a lecture, but it would make a good documentary movie from someone like Andrew Jenks, perhaps, maybe on Netflix or YouTube Originals.

Picture: SW of Nashville, mine, 2014 

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