Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Cheddar explains "The Real Reason Washington DC Doesn't Have Skyscrapers"

I always wondered, as a boy, why my "home field" didn't have skyscrapers and all other cities "in the league" did. 

The Real Reason Washington DC Doesn’t Have Skyscrapers”, as explained by Cheddar.

There have been several laws since the 1890s, but essentially most buildings cannot be taller than the Capitol (281 feet), with the Trump Post Office towner (341) an exception.

The Cairo Apartment building in the Dupont Circle area (160 feet) was an interesting exception, in the 1890s.

There is now a rule regarding the relationship between building height and the width of streets.

Would loosening height restrictions help reduce rents?

Nearly Arlington has gradually increase heights in the Rosslyn, Ballston and Crystal City areas.

Picture: from Washington Monument, August, 2007

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