Saturday, May 16, 2020

"The Abbey": soft-core film from "The Channel of Mr. Handsome" but it has a real story about privilege; it's eponymous with a famous disco in Los Angeles

The Abbey” with Paddy O’Brien and Jace Taylor, is back on "The Channel of Mr. Handsome", that was down for a while, with this link.

An aristocratic young man says goodbye to his valet and a working class boyfriend before going off into the (British) military. The undoing of the garment, especially the corset, is interesting. As for the black beetle-like cab, I rode one myself in 1982 in London and strained my knee getting into it, and hobbled around for a while in a Soho bar. 

The film fragment is interesting, and I hope this channel can stay up this time.

The Abbey (as eponymous) is also the name of a famous gay bar just off Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.  A few years back (during Obama), actor Timo Descamps (“Judas Kiss”) had a very public “Happy birthday to me” oyster party there for Twitter.

The bar, like all others, has to deal with the shuttering due to coronavirus, leaving to the question as to how gay bar life (especially disco) can ever return, at least until a vaccine or some sort of reliable herd immunity. But a lot of business people (especially under 30) are already talking about it already (Connor Franta lives there).

Here is a fragment from West Hollywood’s happier days, Halloween in 2017.

I was last there in May 2012.

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