Wednesday, May 06, 2020

"Corona: End of the World": in 2049, two young men ponder their having been deserted by their ancestors after a pandemic and drought

DK Films presents “Corona: End of the World”, or longer title “Corona Virus – Covid 19: End of the World?”, written and directed by Dashyant Kapoor.

In the year 2049, in India, two young men, among the last survivors of a climate apocalypse, struggle for water, see a Taj Mahal destroyed, and then reconcile themselves in a nearby forest.

The film narration speculates that the virus is a cure and the people who exploited the planet for their own financial gain were the disease.

One of the young men says that their ancestors formed a rescue space shit and the fittest went to resettle Mars.

Without women, the young men would be the end of the line, unless the others come back from Mars.

Picture: North of Abilene, TX. June, 2018 

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