Saturday, April 25, 2020

"Where Did COVID-19 Come From?": valuable short from Never Mind

Coronavirus virion structure

“Where Did COVID-19 Come From?” is an interesting 10-minute video from Never Mind.

The video, dated April 2, is similar in some ways to some from Paul Forster at Cambridge.

The film considers that the first known patient in Wuhan was treated around mid December 2019 and that she worked at the wet market.  But that does not prove that the virus came from the wet market or lab. The genome (a type B, type A is little represented in Wuhan) was decoded by Dec. 24.

The video criticizes China for holding up the information for about two weeks in January.

But it is possible that the virus came from a secondary animal in the wild, and did not mutate into its aggressive and contagious form, capable of killing maybe 3% of those with a major infection, until circulating undetected among humans for a while. The protein furin is involved and this is of concern because a similar protein is found in bird flu (a very different virus).

The illustration shows an inner strand as a double helix, but the virus is single stranded RNA, type 4.

You can click on the illustration and get the Wikipedia attribution CCSA information. 

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