Sunday, April 26, 2020

"When Can the Government Lock You in Your House?" panel discussion by lawyers (and an odd coincidence for me)

The Institute for Justice presents “When Can the Government Lock You in Your House? Quarantines and the Constitution”, a two-lawyer panel discussion.

Much of the discussion centers arounds the power of the states, as conferred to governors by legislature.

There is also discussion of the “state of nature” which is rarely mentioned.

The speakers had familiar names (to me, at least):  Robert McNamara, and Anthony Sanders.

In fact, when I lived in Minneapolis from 1997-2003, I met an undergraduate senior named Anthony Sanders who was majoring in philosophy at Hamline University in St. Paul (just north of University Blvd near Fair Park).  He was involved with the Libertarian Party of Minnesota and had run for a city council seat in St. Paul in 1997.

Anthony actually set up my lecture on my book which took place on February 25, 1998, when I was on crutches, about six weeks after a fall resulting in my hip fracture.  The attorney here does not look like or sound like the Hamline student (even allowing for 20 years of age), but the Hamline person might have a similar career and interests.

The link for the entire lecture (57 min) can be found here (first URL;  a second travel film is offered there) and I am introduced. 
The first photo shows a protest at the Minnesota State Capitol, I believe in 1999. 

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