Wednesday, April 08, 2020

"The Main Event in America": a boxer goes straight, to the chagrin of a boyfirend, and he even loses the fight

The Main Event in America”, directed by A. W. McNight. From Mystic Lotus and Backyard Fireworks, running 29 minutes, just posted by Coreynyc.

The film presents a 28 (guess) year old white male boxed (Arthur Kuklov) living in the South Bronx with a single mom (black) abandoned by her husband, and he says he wants to marry her. He tells his (non white) boyfriend, who is passionately attached to him, that he has a “real life” and that “I f—k people up for a living”   Then he loses a fixed fight at the local ring and his life comes apart.  The place is hardly “Fight Club” though.

This film (which needs more video detail) looks like it wants a sequel and may be expanded into a feature (sort of like a Jorge Ameer film).
My experience in life is being the “boyfriend” and clinging to somebody who has a real life as I regard as a “good master” (remember “the rich young ruler” and “why do you call me good”).
I remember riding by Amtrak through the South Bronx back from Boston in 1975 (I had seen a game at Fenway).  It was a disturbing sight. 

Picture: Harlem, 2014, mine. 

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