Wednesday, April 22, 2020

"My Boyfriend Died of COVID-19", animated short film from The Atlantic Selects

Wuhan - Guanngu Streetcar - Wudayuan -

“A Thing By” and The Atlantic Selects present a 7-minute short animated film by Olmo Parenti, with Megan Burney voicing over, “My Boyfriend Died of COVID-19

This is a heterosexual story.  In fact, it is set in Wuhan, China as the pandemic starts in mid January. 
Before the Chinese New Year starts, a young woman living outside Hubei receives texts from her boyfriend that he is sick and found the hospital swamped, on Jan. 22, and that an ultimate catastrophe had taken place.  This was about the time that China started building a field hospital in 10 days.
She receives other texts.  He gets better, then gets worse again and then the texts stop.

This time I've embedded the image of the Wuhan monorail from Wikipedia.  If you click on the image you will get the CCSA attribution and photographer credit. 

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