Monday, April 27, 2020

"It's Not a Cowboy Movie": French comedy in a rather mundane physical setting

Gare du Nord night Paris FRA 002
It’s Not a Cowboy Movie” (“Ce n’est pas un film de Cow-boys”) is a comedy short, and rather minalmisl at that, by Benjamin Parent and Joris Morio, from My French Film Festival.  
The film alternates two conversations in latrines, by two teenage boys, and then two teen girls, about Brokeback Mountain (here, Oct. 8, 2017), maintaining that is is not a "western".  There is also a Brazilian short “Cowboy Forever” (here, Dec. 1, 2009).
In the Army they used to say “Never call attention in the latrine.”

Picture: Passenger Train station in Paris, you can see the Wikipedia attribution and photographer credit by clicking on the embedded picture (CCSA).  I was in that station in May 2001.  I then took the Chunnel to England. 

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