Friday, April 10, 2020

"High Risk" and "Every Time I Tell": two short Spanish films from Canal on HIV risks for gay men, even today

Studio Canal seems to have some gay short films from Spain regarding HIV and responsible behavior among gay men, in series called “Indetectables”.

One of them is “High Risk” (or “Alto riesgo”), directed by Juan Flahn, 7 .

A policeman (in street clothes) goes to the doctor to see if he can get post-exposure meds (protease inhibitors – why wasn’t he on PrEP?) and in the last scene he describes an orgy to the female doctor.
In the waiting room he discusses it with another young gay man. But two older women sitting next to him (no social distancing yet) misinterpret what he is talking about in a comic way.  The discussion of nausea in Spanish is particularly hilarious.

Another more explicit film (probably rated R from what you can see, so I didn’t embed it) presents two other gay men confronting the possible outcomes of their pleasures. It’s called “Every Time I Tell It” (“Siempre quelo Cuento”).

By Fotograccion -, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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