Thursday, April 09, 2020

"Guillermo on the Roof": a young writer is challenged by when he wants to present his own life story in film, by a real-life Syrian refugee

Parandroidd presents the Spanish short film “Guillermo on the Roof” (“Guillermo en el tejado Cortometraje”) directed by Miguel Lafuente.
Guillermo is a young writer who would like to produce autobiographical film about his own loves. He sees the world through his own experience as a kind of moral filter.  I know the feeling. 

His own mentor thinks this is self-indulgent and an inappropriate way to get into writing. She has another docudrama project about a Samir, young Syrian refugee who came to Spain through Greece and then came out as gay before his family went to Sweden, leaving him behind.

It seems as though Guillermo follows both ideas, but he comes to bond with the Syrian refugee.

There is talk about how you write voice-overs and other parts of a screenplay.

With Javier Amann, Mariu Bárcena, David Matarín y Anuar Beno.
Wikipedia attribution license for Madrid neighborhood picture, by Esetene, CCSA 3.0

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