Thursday, April 23, 2020

"Game Night" : a young man takes a new girl friend to his parents' house

Game Night” (2019), by Jan van Gorkum and Zuiderlicht Film.

Pepijn takes his new girlfriend to his parents’ house for game night, where they play Trivial Pursuit.
The boy’s parents start treating her in less than a welcoming manner and she wonders why. One of the questions is, what number is unlucky in Asian culture?  Not 13, but 4. 

Most of these films on Omeleto are based on a single concept or idea or situation, as is common in short film. Tyler Mowery talked about that today, and he thinks that beginning writers need to think this way about even features.

It’s common for LGBTQ groups to have game nights.  Chess has never been popular. Blokus is.

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