Tuesday, April 14, 2020

"Destroyer of Worlds", time-travel film from CGBros

CGBros (a game company) offers a short film (44 minutes), “Destroyer of Worlds”, from Pumpkin Money, directed by Samuel Dawes, with one of its game plots in live action.
In 1954, in Plymouth England, an inquisitive teen (James O’Neill) starts paying more attention to his dad’s (Mard Aldrace) mathematical theorems, shortly after the tragedy of losing his mother.
They know a mad scientist (Jamie Saiderwaite) who wants to use them for a dangerous time travel experiment.
The scientist produces a plasma ball (like Taylor Wilson’s fusion reactor) which, when you enter it, offers you time travel.  For practice, the go back to an Egyptian tomb in 356 BC.
Then they see the future at various points until they run into a “barrier” that they can’t cross.  The scientist has devised a series of stepping stones or “beacons” to try to breech the barrier, which shows a future that looks like Syria under Assad.
The characters go back and forth, and the teenager, physically maturing into full manhood himself, gets suspicious of the scientist and wants to protect his father. The kid winds up on what looks like a WWI battlefield at one point and escapes back, and find duplicate copies of himself.
This film won some awards in film festivals in Britain.

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