Friday, April 24, 2020

"Crazy Boy Friend Problems" from QTTV: OK, explicit, but with real characters, real story and a "moral point"

Sometimes explicit film have real stories and “important” content.  I don’t usually post even “soft core” here, but some of it really does have important artistic value.

QTTV presents “Crazy BF Problems” aka “I Met a Sex Addict at a Convenience Store and Now He’s My Boyfriend” (just posted 2020/4/15).

It’s a flippant tagline.  An attractive young executive walks into a convenience store and gets into a cruising session with another man with open shirt.  Intimacy (starting with undoing a tie) starts in the back room, and then a relationship follows.

The “poorer” man (who looks relatively clean-cut for his social status) says that the executive is becoming more like himself. Soon the “poor” man starts asking for money, especially for a crystal meth habit.  Watching the film, you really do care.

The film played without being logged on, but it probably shouldn’t have. The physical stuff may fit barely within gay PG-13, but the language about “acts” and drugs (a little bit of it) would earn this little film an R, so it’s essentially intended only for 17+ viewing.

Still, at the end, you want the characters to do well.  You want the “poor” man to get off his habit.  It won’t be easy.  For the exec, perhaps there are visible consequences if you look closely enough.
No idea where this was filmed, maybe Canada, maybe LA.  Nobody knew what social distancing means when this short was filmed.
Picture: Toronto, my trip July 2019.  Can't drive there now. 

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