Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Writing a movie script in seven days: Tyler Mowery discusses Ryan's effort

Tyler Mowery has a new video Tuesday where a friend of his, Ryan, tried to write a script in seven days and “failed”.

(This video links to Ryan’s and embeds much of Ryan’s in a frame partition).

Tyler gives a pep talk here, and says it is a lot about self-concept and self-motivation (this sounds a lot like what John Fish says in his videos about personal achievement in general). Tyler says many new screenwriters have trouble starting the “middle” of a script and then starting the “end” also.
In other words, it’s the middle section (like in a music ternary form) that is a problem, more maybe the development section of a Sonata structure.  I could imagine a situation where going between two characters in an exposition could be a problem (like going between the first two scenes within one Act of an opera).  For example, in a video from 2017, John Fish described (and films in aftermath) an auto accident when he was a teen driver (caused by another distracted driver) and plays music where the transition to the second theme in the Beethoven Fifth occurs with the crash.
I raise the question as to whether it helps to have a treatment first, and a detailed plot with characters and incidents, Wikipedia style, written first.  I encourage outlining your plot in detail in Microsoft Access and setting up keys to check for plot holes and inconsistencies programmatically (with SQL).

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