Friday, March 06, 2020

"Will Humans Conquer the Solar System?" Maybe with a lot of social credit along the way

Unveiled, with Noah narrating, “Will Humans Conquer the Solar System?

Noah says NASA expects us to be able to live in a colony on the moon by around 2030. We might be able to start a colony on Mars in about another decade after that.

For Venus, we would have to live in the atmosphere sailing about the atmosphere at an altitude of about 30 miles. But he says we should land on Mercury and mine it for materials to build a Dyson Sphere.

We could conceivably orbit high in the clouds about Jupiter, but we would land on Europa (or other large moons) to look at the subsurface ocean.

Titan could indeed by interesting. This video showed a shot of what looked like Niagara Falls to simulate Titan? A honeymoon spot?  (The moon belongs to Carlos Maza.) 

We would explore the Oort cloud, which may extend about half a light year, something like one-eighth of the distance to Alpha Centauri.

The sociology of life on a space ship where one is confined for years (maybe a big O’Neill cylinder) is interesting speculation.

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