Monday, March 09, 2020

"Chinese Authorities Tested Me for COVID-19" by the younger Barrett

“Chinese Authorities Tested Me for COVID-19”, a 16 minute video today by Ollie Barrett  ("Oli")

He was riding a cab and had taken off his mask.  When the cab got to a toll booth in Shenzhen, he was detained and taken to a center where he was given a CT scan and the throat and nose swab test, which can make you gag.  Part of the problem was that initially his temperature was elevated, but then dropped.  Then the next day he got he result (negative) before he was allowed to return.
Yes, in China it is that strict.  This is all rather shocking to Americans who are seeing the possibility of local lockdowns and accidental quarantines on their own horizons.
Wikipedia: By Kevin Poh -, CC BY 2.0, Link

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