Monday, February 03, 2020

"Why Did China Invent the Social Credit System?"

Why Did China Invent the Social Credit System?”, by Serpentza.

It was published Jan. 17, 2020, just as the coronavirus crisis was starting.
He explains the underground economy, where until recently you could “do what you want”.  So the Chinese needed some additional system to control deliberately anti-social behavior.  (Singapore has the same determination to stop sloppy personal habits in public.)
But the video does not describe the actual staged implementation of the scoring, and that some people now are denied the right to fly.
A broader idea of social credit could include voluntarism and community engagement to address systemic inequality on a personal level.
Serpentza notes that Chinese society doesn't like the idea of personal "hobbies" which it sees as a self-centered diversion from common goals. 

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