Friday, February 07, 2020

"The 50s" according to "Andrew Goes Places" in black and white

Cory Ewing and Andrew Neighbors (of “Andrew Goes Places”) present the 5-minute short viginette in black and white, “The 50s”.

A young man, whose shirt flaps open and shits again, plays with a beach ball and his girl friend while staring at a nearby hunk.  They’re “on the beach” waiting for a waltzing matilda.

At the end, a little bit of Mike Wallace’s 1967 report on CBS “The Homosexuals” plays.  Not capable of a lasting relationship like a heterosexual make?


Neighbors is an optometrist by profession and could well make a video about transmitting coronavirus through the iris.  That happens. 
Neighbors sometimes appears with Eduardo Sanchez Ubanell.

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