Wednesday, February 12, 2020

"Paper Boy": black and white short film from festival circuit in India charms with its simplicity

Paper Boy”, from Pocket Films, and Idiot Box films, is a 15 minute short film from India, and won a prize in the Kolkata (Calcultta) film festival and various other fesitvals in India.
It is directed by Amilet Matra and stars Raja as the boy, and is filmed in black and white Cinemascope.
A 10 year old boy delivers a small local newspaper in the slums and runs into touching sights that tourists miss (because they never come to the slums), like a ferry, and pigeons.  Finally a customer throws down a bicycle pump with a paper as a present.

Here's JIFF link to a slum picture. 
I was reminded of “The Bicycle Thief”, Italian film in the late 1940s.
By Arun Kumar Jena / Arnabchat -, CC BY 2.5, Link

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