Friday, February 21, 2020

"Bell's Inequality: God Plays Dice" and the EPR Paradox, by Arvin Ash

Arvin Ash : "Bell’s Inequality: God Plays Dice?"  (and the EPR Paradox).   

There are numerous videos about Bell’s Theorem.  But essentially they all come down to the question as to whether Einstein’s idea of reality is consistent with quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics had incorporated the idea of “local hidden variables” determining reality until 1964 when Bell’s theorem proposed an experiment.

Reality is really based on the interaction of probabilistic fields and waves. This leads to paradoxes but that still doesn’t imply that information (such as with quantum entanglement) can travel faster than light.

A particle is indeed changed when you observer – it is what manifests when you observe the wave.  Fields are “real” without matter of energy but they seem to connect to consciousness.  Donald Rumsfeld’s “The Known Unknowns” (actually a 2013 film) gets mentioned.

It’s a little hard to say how this affects consciousness.  Could the same individual be reconstructed from waves at a different place in space time?  Could this account for aliens, or angels?

The controversy would also feed the play by Michael Frayn, “Copenhagen”, about a meeting between shown on PBS in 2004 (Drama reviews, Nov. 11, 2006).

In 1978, Jeffrey Mishlove authored a book called “The Roots of Consciousness” that discussed Bell’s Theorem and was popular with a group called “Understanding” that I was part of (Dan Fry’s group).

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