Saturday, January 25, 2020

"Why I Changed My Opinion on China": a young businessman returns to New York State and says the country is imploding under Xi Jingping

Iaowhy86 offers a perspective (11 minutes) “Why I Changed My Opinion on China”.

(I have another video by him on my “cf” blog, about the coronavirus crisis.)

He describes life in China 10 years ago as freer in practice than in the US.  High speed trains and transit were cheap.  Services and jobs were plentiful even in less populous cities.  He married a Chinese woman and became a father.  He was 27 then (is he 37 now?  He looks very young in the video.)

After the self-anointing of Xi Jingping and the election of Donald Trump and his protectionism, things rapidly got worse.  Foreigners like him were treated much more poorly, and infrastructure wasn’t maintained well, as some new buildings even collapsed and government got more corrupt.  In the meantime, China started implementing its social credit system – trying to bring Leftist ideas of social justice back down to “rightsizing” the individual.  It’s a logical, and still dangerous idea. But it is also a Maoist idea and an expected result of Communism.
Trump used to warn, “China is not your friend.”

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