Monday, January 20, 2020

"Why Everything Will Collapse": Because we can't make people give up flying?

Why Everything Will Collapse”, an anxiogenic video by The 4th Money.

He talks about extinctions, of sharks and cetaceans (the most intelligent animals besides us) – we have destroyed their own biological Internet of sonar (we used to use whale oil).

He mentions “Peak Oil” which occurred in 2006, and “Peak Gas” in 2010, and “Peal Coal” by 2020.
Peak metal is a problem – most metal isn’t recyclable. Asteroids, maybe?  Can China squeeze us in the meantime? 

A 6 degree C increase by 2100 would wipe out by mankind.

Humanity doesn’t see these as imminent. 
Change from the ground up is impossible. He talks about a 6-fold reduction in standards of living.
At the end, he demands complete localization and collectivization. 

This film certainly fits into the agenda of Greta Thunberg  ("How dare you?"), and the "Xtinction Rebellion" activism. 

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