Friday, January 17, 2020

"Why Christian Movies Are Bad" (from "The Problem with Christian Media")

Josh Keefe tells us “Why Christian Movies Are Bad”, which is Part 2 of “The Problem with Christian Media

The basic reason is that they essentially video sermons, the film says.  The characters are set up to make religious points and don’t behave in a way that people normally would. Film editing often doesn’t follow the actual flow of a conversation.   He compares a bad sequence from a Christian PureFlix film to a good one from “Whiplash” with Miles Teller, and another one from “The Social Network”.

Preachers are not filmmakers, the video says. They have their own calling.  
The end of the video shows a little clip from “Inherit the Wind” about the Scopes trial.  Like, that old time religion is good enough for me.

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