Wednesday, January 08, 2020

"Taking on the Red Pill: Men's Rights Activism" by Knowing Better

Knowing Better reviews Cassie Jaye’s “The Red Pill” (2016), in “Taking on the Red Pill: Men’s Rights Activism” (29 min) is pretty level-headed in addressing the claims of the MRA, Men’s Rights Activists.  The "red pill" meme comes from "The Matrix" and reveals inconvenient truth's when swallowed. 

The criticism of the film focused mostly on the context around which many claims are based. He notes that MRA often comes from men who have had specific problems growing up. He admits that there is a downside to “male privilege”.  He says men’s rights and feminism could be allies (actor Richard Harmon has said that).  KB suggests that patriarchy itself is the problem:  it expects men to be hyper-competitive, ritualized, and yet prepared to make themselves disposable if need be in an emergency.

KB does give a lot of attention to the fungibility idea early in the video.
KB does talk about the draft and covers the recent interest in Congress in requiring women to register for the Selective Service System since women can not do almost any combat jobs.  He also covers the history of the male-only draft in court. He says that no one born since 1956 has actually been drafted.  

I personally that that the world is unstable enough that the idea that people might have to learn to protect one another collectively is relevant, and that is often part of the arguments for the 2nd Amendment.

He also says there are biological differences, statistically, between men and women which explain why men can play professional baseball or football but women can’t.

He covers the issue of Incel and MGTOW, and also notes that some people in the MRA movement are sympathetic to the alt-right.

He talks about the claims in custody cases and also reverse domestic violence issues.  He doesn’t mention that men have been made responsible for child support when named by women when they had not actually been the biological fathers.

I talked about similar issues on a topic called "Relationship Paradox" at the end of a lecture I gave at Hamline University in February 1998 (on crutches, after an accident), starting at 53:10 on this Vimeo link
The video seems to be sponsored by Curiosity Stream.

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