Sunday, January 05, 2020

"Scenes from the Men's Toilets at a Ceilidh": conversation in a "john"?

Scenes from the Men’s Toilets at a Ceilidh”, directed by Louis Norris (2019, 10 min, many festival  awards).  

A tall handsome guy from England (Joe Sefton) attends a square dance in Scotland after invitation by his boyfriend (Ben Walsh). But he has doubts as to whether his Scottish friend has come out to his family. But affection builds in this film, shot entirely in a modern latrine with a lot of white tile.  This is indeed a curious idea for a film.
There is bagpipe music, but the title reminds me of Samuel Barber's "Music for a Scene from Shelley". 
Maybe the movie makes a good case for deep cleaning. 

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