Sunday, January 12, 2020

"Living on a Generation Ship": Your legacy would be all that matters, and family values would be enforced

Unveiled, with “Noah” narrating, describes “Living on a Generation Ship”.

This would be a 15-20-mile long cylindrical rotating O’Neill Cylinder with perhaps a thousand families, moving to other solar systems and planets, needing to bear several generations to get mankind a new home.  Making artificial gravity work well will be a challenge;  it is not as effective as mass-induced gravity. 
This would have a profound effect on the lives of people living out their whole lives, with no other purpose but to keep humanity going on until it could land many generations down the road. Every able-bodied adult would need to have children and the political system would be authoritarian. You have to belong.  The hive owns your consciousness.
Wikipedia attribution: Public Domain, Link

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