Saturday, January 18, 2020

"Is Film School Worth It?"

Is Film School Worth It?”  It's a very big deal. 

Tyler Mowery looks at the different ways one can become a professional guild screenwriter (or editor, or producer, or director, etc)  for a living, if that is the goal.
It is possible for people to get there with “alternate paths” even if some people in the industry would resist it for reasons of, perhaps, protectionism.
You really have similar questions in other arts fields, like classical music (playing in an orchestra, concert pianist, composer).
Tyler says he started in film school but switched to another major to finish college more quickly.  Economic Invincibility, who has a similar speaking style to Tyler (and also to Canadian Harvard student John Fish) has hinted at a similar past – he wanted to get to work quickly and be on his own.

Some YouTube producers, especially those who shoot raw news like Ford Fischer (News2share) could well consider migrating into careers as producers and directors of documentary film, given all the turmoil at YouTube with monetization and politics.
I don’t recall discussing film school before on this blog, so I thought this would be a good video to cover.
Another little tidbit:  Walt Disney, having bought 20th Century Fox etc, changed the names to 20th Century and Searchlight.  Will the wonderful Alfred Newman fanfare be kept?  I think it came in with "The Robe" in 1953.  Fox News and broadcasting is separately, and Disney wants to get rid of the "conservative" (Tucker Carlson) anti-woke stain. 

Brain Rose describes why he dropped out of USC Film School. 

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