Thursday, January 23, 2020

"Death by Script" (3 layers deep); Omeleto has a good short film channel

There is a channel of short films, Omeleto, that has a lot of short films ranging 6-30 minutes, mostly ironic drama or comedy and horror, often posing self-contradictory or problematic situations for ordinary people.
Death by Script” (Oct. 2019), directed and written by Jason Kessler, is an interesting meta-film (8 minutes).

A young script reader (Jonathan Flanders) meets his girl friend in a Hollywood diner before making a decision whether to “pass” or “consider” a script he was assigned to read on the job.  The script was itself “Death by Script” which makes this a meta-film.  Somehow I though of Pedro Almadovar and “Bad Education”.  Anyway, he reads the script, and another appealing young man passes on the script and winds up dead.

The next day, Jonathan goes to work in downtown Los Angeles and there is a corpse in one of the cubicles.
Mark Parrish, an actor (“Mustang Sally”, 2006, reviewed here Nov. 7, 2007) once told me he had worked as a script reader for New Line.  People really have structured jobs doing this? 
I guess the most important reason to “pass” is that a script is too complicated to follow.  Christopher Nolan can get away with it.

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