Saturday, January 11, 2020

"Could a Goldilocks Zone Galaxy Exist?" This video is not as encouraging as a lot of us want!

Unveiled has an important new speculative video “Could a Goldilocks Zone Galaxy Exist?

Not only does an individual star have a goldilocks zone where temperatures are right for planets supporting life to exist, galaxies have a similar concept.  For the Milky Way, it’s about 17,000 light years to 33,000 light years from the center with its supermassive black hole. It’s dangerous for a solar system to pass through the spiral arm of a galaxy, and a circular rather than elliptical orbit is safer.

Finally, galaxies in some parts of the Universe are more conducive to life than others.  Essentially, older galaxies have a better chance because they will have more older stars and more supernovae in their past that could have created heavy elements necessary for rocky planets and for the enzymes necessary for biology.

Our own civilization may be a relatively early one in the history of at least our galaxy.
We could also look more systematically (and mathematically) at what does it take for individualized consciousness to form and persist? Once it forms, can it really be destroyed?

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