Wednesday, January 15, 2020

"COPPA Got Updated, It's Bad": well, not so fast (short)

Today’s film functions as a short, but it makes a point. It’s called “COPPA Got Updated, and It’s Bad”, by Charmx.

He describes the new “Protect Kids” act which was proposed in Congress Jan. 10 in the House.  I wrote more details Monday (Jan 13) on the BillBoushka blog and gave the Thomas link.

This is not law yet. The main provision that Charmx is concerned about is raising the age thresthhold from 13 to 16. 

This should set off a fierce debate before it goes anywhere. 
Nevetheless, should the age go up, YouTube could not continue behavioral advertising at all without age-gates on everyone even viewing the videos.  There are some more frictionless ways to do this (as an aftermath to COPA, a different law that got struck down) at the router level that, ironically, comes up as a result of my concerns during the immigration sponsorship debates (2016) and the ability of telecom companies to offer guest accounts on routers.  Put this together and find some good nifty programmers and YouTube could solve this and make some college kids good at coding rich (and pay off their college debts with ease), by actually employing them to do something badly needed for their business to continue.

One of my favorite memes is "it won't be so bad, or will it?" 

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