Thursday, January 02, 2020

Bostwiki: short film on setting up his own deep-fake

Bostwiki: “I Paid the Internet to Deep Fake Me”.

Bostwiki, in a 22 minute film, sets up an experiment in which he will be deep-faked and used in porn.

The biggest risk might be for politicians or executives, along with extortion, throwing the stock market. This wouldn’t work if the public caught on to it.

It takes advantage of the fact that some actions (like securities trading) happen on belief and rumor without the time to fact-check.

The “deep fake” industry draws a line between public figures and non-checkmarked persons.
Bostwiki, like Economic Invincibility and Tim Pool, drives holes into conventional leftist and liberal positions on things, mainly for being naïve.

Update: Jan. 8

Facebook has banned some "deep-fakes" but not satirical fakes, story by Tony Romm, et al in the Washington Post today, p. A14. 

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