Sunday, January 26, 2020

A curious short film about training for competitive cycling, apparently in the Sierra near Lake Tahoe (in summer when it is dangerously dry)

Here’s something curious.  "Getting Back into Interval Training (My Day of High Intensity Cycling Intervals)" by The Vegan Cyclist. In August 2019 (12 min).  I don’t recall if I’ve covered competitive cycling on this blog (I see the label for it, though, as I type).

This appears to have been filmed near Lake Tahoe and US 50 in California, an area that I was in (by rental car) in September 2018.  The evergreen vegetation looks dry and vulnerable to fire unless they get high altitude storms with actual rain or snow later. 

The film shows the technical monitor for the bike across the bottom of the screen.
The guy does not appear to be “shaved”, and I still wonder if air wind resistance (or water resistance for competitive swimmers) really matters, of it this more a matter of ritual self-sacrifice and peaking.
In the middle of the film, another cyclist named Cole rides alongside him.  Cole has cerebral palsy on one side of his body, level 4. So he qualities for a persons with disabilities competition, but it is not apparent at sight.
The Vegan guy stops near someone’s house and almost drops a souvenir, and talks as if that is acceptable in this area.  Later he is back home and he shows us the stapled of his diet.

Picture: Mine, along I-80 approaching Truckee.  

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