Wednesday, December 25, 2019

"When You're in Love with your Straight Friend": I called this situation "Temptation" in a subsection in my DADT-III book)

OK, Eduardo follows all the techniques for self-filming described in a video about two posts ago on this blog, but here is a delicious lt-5 minute short staying within the PG-13 world as it is now
How many of us have run into this?

When You’re in Love with your Straight Friend” (actual film).

Eduardo is very coy at first about the straight friend who wants to crash, and then share the bed. Eduardo “has” something the friend wants (via upward affiliation).
Then he admits he is in love with the straight friend.  I’ve been there before.  (Page 54 of my DADT-3 book, the subchapter “A Temptation”, and then the last two stories of the “Fiction” section, suggested movie treatment here.

There is a YT new channel called “Men at Play”, that seems to come from Mexico or Spain, and features largely bearded men in business suits, tempting each other, but in most of the skits nothing happens. However, in “Malpractice” with Felipe Ferro and James Castle, a gay doctor sets up an illegal device to secretly film his examinations of his patients’ chests.

By the way, when I first tried to code this blog post, Blogger interpreted the "less than" symbol on my keyboard as a special command.  It meant "less than 5 minutes in length". 
Pictures: two different similar shots of mine, Palm Springs, CA, May 2012

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