Saturday, December 14, 2019

"When Was There Life on Venus?" There could be life in the high clouds, 30 miles up, with the same biochemistry base as ours

“When Was There Life on Venus and Where Did It Go?”

I’ve reviewed other videos on this idea 3/10/2018 and 926/2019.

Ridddle explains that Venus was rather earthlike for 3 billion years, had oceans, and that temperatures in winter at the poles could get as low as about 0 F.  Life have formed there and then migrated to Earth on meteorites (and even to Mars).  Volcanism turned the surface of Venus inside out around 750 million years ago, and we don’t know why (rather like everything turned to a super Yellowstone).

The volcanism released carbon dioxide and led to the greenhouse hot house.

The video warns that the Sun will get much hotter in about a billion years, and we really will have to move.
He says conditions in the high clouds of Venus are just about the same as Earth in temperate zones.

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