Thursday, December 26, 2019

Speculation builds on the "concept" of Christopher Nolan's 2020 trilogy finale film "Tenet"

3C Films does a speculation about Christopher Nolan’s new film “Tenet”, due in July, with a $235 million budget.  The title word is a palindrome (like the last movement of Hindemith's horn concerto). 

The speakers (2 of them here, 10 min) think is it part of a “franchise” of films of which Inception and Interstellar are the first two, and the plot will hook into both.  In both films, time is explored. 

The illustrative for the film shows a clock with a spiral.

The lessons of relativity are clear.  As your speed approaches that of light, time slows down for you.  The only way you could get around the paradoxes of time travel is to fork off multiverses. 

As you get older, time seems to move master because you have more experience, more information in your brain.  But you wonder if, during natural death, time slows down and maybe stops, so you experience immortality.

Of course, violent death would destroy that, but not a natural one. 
There are some YouTubers who make their own little short films (like LGBT, probably) but work for major studios in LA.  Many of them would have strong production and editing skills that they can apply to their own work.  Some of them probably know.  They can’t give away any ideas even in their own personal work. 

Picture: the sewing kit component from my little train display looks like a gyroscope or maybe an astrolabe. 

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