Tuesday, December 03, 2019

"People Who Like to Be Alone"

Brainy Dose presents “People Who Like to Be Alone Have These 12 Special Personality Traits”.

In “Smallville”, the teen Clark Kent would say, “I’m different, I’m not special”.

But Clark was an introvert in the best sense.

I have to say that the first of these films has plenty of appealing looking young men in the mold of  the stereotype of "cis gay men", an ideal of the past. 

Beastie has a similar film, actually longer, “The 11 Unique Personality Traits”.

Beastie also adds three traits of extroverts.

If a journalist likes to jump out of planes sometimes, he could still be someone who works alone a lot. 

 If a waiter in a gay bar talks about doing base jumps and can actually do them, he’s likely to be more extroverted.

I matched up well with most of this, but I don’t have emotional sympathy for disadvantaged people, but I do understand their predicament.  But it is a somewhat distanced, measured understanding, about privilege or the lack thereof.  It isn’t quite the same as trading places or true “skin in the game”. Time is very important to me.  I value independence.  I related to cats more than dogs, and cats like me.  Moral compass can be very nuanced indeed.

Economic Invincibility, John Fish, and Tim Pool, as Youtube channel owners, all fit into this category.  Fish has discussed this openly. Jordan Peterson is the senior person of this personality type.  (You can name others, and yes, people think they are on the right, like Sargon of Akaad.  They absolutely do not support supremacy.) They all tend so be somewhat conservative, at least as far as resisting the ideas of tribalism or group rights or reparations. You could call them anti-tribalists.  The alt-right and far Left seem to be populated by conventional tribalists and “extroverts”.  The most infamous is orange man.
Todd Grande has videos on schizoid and avoidant personalities, and high functioning autism (Aspergers), all of which mix with introversion for various reasons.

The far Left is trying to force everyone to see themselves through "intersectional groups" and join causes and take on personal challenges dictated by others, as an ideological goal.  There is this idea that "victims" based on group-membership are "not good enough" to be worthy of one's potential attention for friendship.
Remember, though, "Carousel" ends with "You'll Never Walk Alone". 

Picture: Extinction Rebellion, Washington DC, Sept 23, 2019 

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