Friday, December 27, 2019

Math video from "Calculus Forever": how to integrate "ln(x)" without the dreaded "parts" method

Take a break and do a math problem.

Mu Prime Math presents “Integral of ln(x) with Feynman’s Trick”.

The young instructor wears a Calculus Finisher t-shirt and is a southpaw for baseball purposes.

Wikipedia describes the ‘trick” here.
But the instructor insists that there be no integration by parts (or partial fractions, which is the good one.  You have to be really good a factoring, remember that?)

These math videos tend to present role-model clean-cut students, just like AOPS. But then there is Thebes, who is always showing us math exams!!  I won't bother with the canard "1=2" which is pretty easy to set up (if only you can divide by zero). 

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